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Surrounding information

Lake Tazawa like a mirror with Komagatake

Roses are the theme facility, Rose Garden

"Lake Tazawa Tazawako Rose Park Hotel" located on the lake side of "Tazawako Rose Park Hotel".

As we can enjoy in conjunction with the Rose Garden which we have, we also incorporate the interior that is the theme of rose in the facility.

Rose Garden middle of June and the end of September, you can enjoy the vibrant rose and its scent in the Rose Garden.

The Shore of Lake Tazawa the lawn of The Shore of Lake Tazawa the courtyard, you can hold events such as yoga and feel the energy of nature.

Driving spots to enjoy Akita

  • tourist information

    Tazawako Rose Park Hotel Around
    Mizubashi, katakuri, cherry blossoms and azaleas,
    Lake faces reflecting fresh green and autumn leaves ...
    Various landscapes spread every season

    Cherry Blossoms, Fresh Green, Autumn Foliage, snow···
    Every season, each
    Please enjoy the scenery of the beautiful nature.
    You can enjoy it.

    Tazawako Rose Park Hotel
    〒 314 0511, Semboku-shi, Akita-ken Nishiki cho Saigyoji nagata ass
    TEL, 0187-47-2211, FAX, 0187-47-2104
    Mail, info@tazawako-hotel.jp
    HP, www.tazawako-hotel.jp

    Free parking lot 80 units
  • tourist information

    Tatsuko legend
    Lake Tazawa was still called Tazawa lagoon.
    There was a very beautiful daughter Tatsuko in the hospital.
    Tatsuko wishes to preserve its beauty for eternity, and hopes for a hundred days and a hundred nights to the Odori Kannon.
    Night of fullness.There was a message saying "Wishing will come true if you drink the spring of the spring that springs to the north."
    Tatsuko crosses Hosanai dake, walks in a deep forest and finds a clean spring between the mossy rocks.
    Tatsuko was delighted and drank the water of the spring.

    However, drinking is more thirsty.
    Tatsuko became belly and kept drinking as the spring withered.
    As time passed, Tatsuko had become a big dragon when he noticed.
    Tatsuko who became a dragon became the Lord of Lake Tazawa.

    Mizubashi·Best time to see: early April
    Katakuri · ··Best time to watch: Mid April
    Cherry Blossoms···Best time to see: late April
    Akita Komagatake···Mountain opening: June 1st
    Omagari Nationwide Fireworks Games···On the 4th Saturday of August
    Autumn Foliage···Hachimantai: Late September - Mid October, Take: Late October to early November
  • Hachimantaira

    About two hours (80 km) from the hotel
  • Akita Komagatake

    About 40 minutes (20 km) from the hotel
  • Tamagawa Onsen

    About 1 hour and 10 minutes (47 km) from the hotel
  • Omagari, National Fireworks Games

    Numerous fireworks blooming in the night sky

    About 1 hour (38km) from the hotel
  • Valley of hugs

    The contrast between Tamagawa's deep blue and autumn leaves is the best!
    About 50 minutes (27km) from the hotel
  • Kakunodate samurai house

    Weeping cherry, Cherry blossom spot of Akita prefecture № 1

    Approximately 35 minutes (20 km) from the hotel
  • Mizubashishu group cloth(Shinchiku Mire)

    Beautiful and blooming Mizubashi

    Approximately 35 minutes (22 km) from the hotel
  • Four seasons

  • Oga Aquarium GAO

    About 3 hours (130 km) from the hotel
  • Oga, Godzilla Rock

    About 2 hours 45 minutes (120 km) from the hotel
  • Akita-shi Yamauchi, Cold wind mountain

    About 2 hours from the hotel (78 km)
  • Akita-shi, Pole Lantern Festival

    About 1 hour 45 minutes (74 km) from the hotel
  • Akita-shi, Chiaki Park

    About 1 hour 45 minutes (74 km) from the hotel
  • Akita-shi Omoriyama zoo park

    About 1 hour 45 minutes (74 km) from the hotel
  • Aftermath, Nishinomadanai Bon Odori

    About two hours (80 km) from the hotel